Bats Blood Booty..


Waves crashed,wind howled, moonlight shone over the bay as Count Dracs ship slipped slowly to port…demeter

 but nobody knew of the precious cargo that unknown he`d had bottled and brought….

An almighty wave came down with a crash and the crates slipped into the sea…

by the time the sun rose the crates came ashore on the beaches around Whitby…

The villagers gathered along the seashore to retrieve as much as they could..

and were even more excited when crates were opened to reveal the Legend of `Bats Blood`………..

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From You to Us: A Poem from Antonio


Eu queria ser poeta,mas poeta nao posso ser,poeta pensa em tudo,e eu nao consigo parar de pensar em voçe.


(roughly translated as:

I wanted to be a poet, but a poet I can not be, for a poet thinks of everything, but I do not stop thinking about you).

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